In the world as we know it, the one vanishing commodity we cannot replace is time.  We can watch it, we can measure it, and we surely waste it.   I am doing so, now, as the clock ticks and another day draws to an end with nothing accomplished or gained.

At dawn, the day was full of potential and opportunity. By noon, it was full of second thoughts and exchanges of nonsense, and only after that was solid news  of any sort received.  If all time is now, then I have been sitting here running through my emotional repertoire the way a gambler shuffles a deck in anticipation of a game.

It is always time, then, to begin something that will rescue this one day from joining all the others in the wastebasket of life.  The first step, clearly, is to  shut off this damned computer and move on to greater things.  Meanwhile, if you are reading this after I post it, I have wasted your time instead of mine.